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Dr Kit Devine currently lectures in video, video art, digital visual effects and VR at the Australian National University. Before joining the ANU she lectured in 3D Animation at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School. Prior to her academic and teaching career she spent 15 years working as a digital animation and effects artist in Sydney, London and Los Angeles.
Her PhD investigated time-based virtual heritage and the influence that user preference for engagement strategy has on the experience of an immersive and interactive time-based virtual heritage environment. As part of her Phd research she created an immersive and interactive time-based model of the historic Sydney Rocks district from 1788 to 2015.
Stills from this work can be seen here.
In 2019 she released the Virtual Sydney Rocks v2.0
The Virtual Sydney Rocks (VSR) is a program/app that you download and run on a laptop or desktop computer (there are Mac and pc versions). It allows you to explore the Sydney Rocks at any date between 1788 and 2010. At the start screen you set the time and date and hit apply, and you are standing at the site of what is now the Sydney Harbour Youth Hostel YHA at whatever time and date you have set. The display and interaction is that of a FPS game so you can walk, (run, jump, etc) and explore. You can also view a time-lapse. More details including download instructions can be found here and here.
In 2018 she created a VR artwork which was a recreation of Sydney based on a 1804 print of an earlier, now lost, painting of Sydney Cove.
Details at VR Sydney Cove circa 1800.
She is Empress and co-founder of the Digital Labourers' Federation (established in 1995), an informal networking organisation for members of the digital graphics industry. It has over 3500 members and very active jobs and news lists.
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