Dr Kit Devine - Publications


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Archaeology and Anthropology, ANU 2016

Testing times: Virtual heritage, ‘time travel’ and the user experience of museum visitors:
a case study of an enriched time-based virtual heritage world.

ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australia, Dec 2016
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Book Chapters

A Drama In Time: The Life of a City.
in Cities in the Digital Age, Citcem, 2018

Journal Articles

The Virtual Sydney Rocks: A Case Study of a Virtual Heritage Environment.
International Journal of Heritage and Sustainable Development Vol 3. No.1 - 2013

Conference Papers

Artistic License in Heritage Visualisations: VR Sydney Cove circa 1800.
SiggraphAsia 2019. 17-20 November, Brisbane, Australia. 2019

Grey Area: The interpretive nature of Heritage Visualisation.
iv2019 - 23rd International Conference Information Visualisation. 2-5 July, Paris, France. 2019

Sense of Place: The phenomenology of virtual heritage place.
iv2017 - 21st International Conference Information Visualisation. 11-14 July, London, UK. 2017

A Drama in Time: The life of a city.
Lost and Transformed Cities: A Digital Perspective, November 17-18, 2016, Lisbon, Portugal. 2016

Go Your Own Way: User preference in an enhanced time-based virtual heritage world.
VSMM 2014. 9-12 December, Hong Kong, China. 2014

The Educational Affordances of Navigable Time.
Heritage 2014. 22-25 July, Guimarães, Portugal. 2014

Making Place: Designing and building an engaging, interactive and pedagogical historical world.
iv2012 - 16th International Conference Information Visualisation. 10-13 July, Montpellier, France. 2012

The Virtual Sydney Rocks: A Case Study of a Virtual Heritage Environment.
Heritage 2012.19-22 June, Porto, Portugal. 2012

Place and Time: Creating Contextualised Presence for Virtual Heritage.
VSMM 2007. 23-26 November, Brisbane, Australia. 2007


VSMM 2007 Round Table 1: Virtual Heritage Theory and Praxis


3D Visualisation and oral history: the Narrabeen Aboriginal town camp.
Oral History Australia Conference 2017, Sydney. 13-16 September 2017

History Rocks.
From the Ground Up. People and Places in Sydney's Past, Sydney. 23-24 August 2012

Virtually There: A Progress Report on the Virtual Sydney Rocks, an immersive and interactive Virtual Heritage Resource.
Digital Humanities Australasia 2012, Canberra. 28-30 March 2012

History Rocks: Designing an engaging, immersive and interactive Virtual Heritage resource.
OZViz 2011, Sydney. 23-25 October 2011

The Virtual Sydney Rocks - Being There Then.
Art Forum, Australian National University. 24th August 2011

The Virtual Sydney Rocks : A Case Study of an Integrated Media-Rich Learning Environment.
Canberra University. 20th July 2011

Virtual Memories.
Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH, 2009

Creating Synthetic Realities.
Sydney ACM SIGGRAPH. 7 Dec 2007

Virtual Memories.
James Cook University, 2004

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